How to Choose a Watch Strap? Teach you to Understand Different Straps at a Glance (B)

Canvas or Nylon Straps

Most simple watches with large dial are pared with variable nylon straps. The advantages of nylon and canvas are simple, practical, and cheap. And these materials are very comfortable to wear and breathable. There are also a lot of designs types, with various patterns and colors, the space for selection is also very wide.

Canvas Straps

Nylon Straps

The disadvantage of nylon or canvas straps is that they are not suitable for formal wear; the material is easy to draw and fluff. In addition, many people think that the nylon strap is the same as the rubber belt. It is considered that the nylon strap is not as high-end as the metal bracelets and the leather strap. In fact, the nylon strap is produced because it is cheaper and simpler. Compared with its advantages, I personally think that the nylon material is not high-end can not be its shortcomings, because this is an excellent choice for sports watches.

Plastic Straps

The watches with plastic straps are in the cheapest price, mainly matching with electronic fashion watches. The pattern design is diverse and colorful.

Plastic Strap

Plastic straps are more common in children’s watches, and adults are basically not worn.

Silicone/Rubber Straps

Gradually favored by watch manufacturers. Silicone/Rubber Straps are mainly used for waterproofing and diving watches, and its use will become wider and wider in the future. Silicone/rubber has excellent physical properties: non-toxic, high and low temperature resistant, acid resistant, elastic and easy to maintain.

Silicone Strap

Silicone/rubber straps are generally used on sports watches, because these materials have a non-negligible advantage. The flexibility of silicone/rubber is particularly good. In addition, the fashion dynamics of silicone/rubber straps are also why many people choose it. More and more high-end watches prefer the rubber strap, since they are practical and easy to maintain, and the stylish silicone/rubber strap has gradually become a new factor in the strap world.

Compared with the metal bracelets and the leather straps, the rubber material is still not recognized by the middle-aged and elderly groups. In terms of texture, the metal bracelets and the leather straps can bring about outstanding quality, which is also an incomparable aspect of the silicone or rubber straps.

Do you have a new learning about the different types of watches straps at present, just choose the piece you are fond of or interested in.