Watch with Different Straps is the Focus, Three Skills to Make you Cool and Handsome

As we all know, a good watch is a symbol of men’s identity and taste, but many men do not know how to find a good watch. In fact, in this era, the watch has gradually changed from a timing tool to a must-have item, what determines the appearance and comfort of the entire watch is the watch straps. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the role of watches has changed from tools to decorations. Different clothes for different occasions need to be matched with the corresponding watches, but how can we choose to wear them comfortably? What is the right pair of watches? Of course, it is necessary to take a look at the strap.

Along with the origin of the watch, the strap is also developing together. As the saying goes, “Good horses are equipped with a good saddle”, then the watch should naturally be equipped with a strap. Like choosing a watch with good quality among many watches, the strap is naturally a part that needs attention when choosing.

Tracing the origin of the strap, it is still inseparable from the invention of the watch. From the sundial to the clock, and then to the more compact pocket watches, the watch has been developing toward “lighter”. It wasn’t until the middle of the 19th century that someone put the timepiece on the belt and then gradually evolved into the watch we saw today.

In the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the demands of the people began to pursue the direction of “hands-free”. In 1926, the world’s first self-winding watch with a strap worn on the wrist was born. Since the development of the watch, it has become a kind of jewelry, its focus is more on the pursuit of appearance, quality, which means that the choice of strap is more and more important.

The strap plays an important role in the appearance, quality, wearing comfort and overall clothing. A good strap is not only good-looking, its material and its exterior design can be described by the pursuit of artistic sense. The choice of the strap is more indicative of your lifestyle.

Nowadays, many brands of watches also attach great importance to the straps. There are also many classifications of straps, from materials to colors, from brand to design, each of them are with its own value.

Seeing this, after learning the knowledge of the strap, you have to learn how to choose a strap that suits you. Although the variety of straps is diverse, it does not hinder the choice. Just follow the blogger to see a few tips that are shared today, and you can easily control the different straps.

1, By Virtue of Looking at the Material

There are many types of straps, and the more common one is to choose according to the material made by the strap. Generally speaking, the material of the strap is divided into two categories, one is a metal strap, represented by stainless steel, light and texture. Second, non-metallic straps, such as leather, canvas, etc., will have more colors and styles.

When choosing a strap, the friends can first see the material according to your preferences. Metallic stainless steel, sheet metal, precious metal, etc., the gloss is strong and more textured; while the leather and canvas is younger, the range is wider and easier to match. At the same time, the price of the watch will vary with the different quality of the material.

2, By Virtue of Looking at the Matching

The accessories of the watch are becoming more and more important, and what decides the appearance of a watch is still the strap. Therefore, the friends can also choose the appropriate strap according to their own dressing. Like a more formal business wear, it will fit on a metal or leather strap; for a more casual fit, the leather and canvas straps will be easy to handle.

3, By Virtue of Looking at the Skin Color

The skin color of the subject is also a point to be very careful when choosing a strap. Under normal circumstances, people with white skin color, strap selection does not have too many taboos, like a glossy metal strap will lining the skin; while people with darker skin color can more control the color that can make you white. Finally, I hope that the friends can use the small knowledge of the straps that Blogger brings to pick the watch that you like, so that it can make you cool and handsome.