Maintenance Tips: Cleaning method for white watch strap yellowing

The watch with the white strap is elegant and delicate and is loved by female fashionistas. However, the inevitable problem of the white strap is that the color will turn yellow after a long time, which seriously affects the wearing effect. Women who love fashion are certainly not acceptable, so what can you do about the yellowing of the watch belt? Here is a description of how to clean the white watchband.

White leather strap cleaning method

There are many kinds of white straps, such as crocodile skin, cowhide, etc. We have been wearing it for a long time, and the watch will always stick with other substances such as sweat. The watch will have an odor, and the original white color will slowly darken. Even yellowing, we can use a small brush to dipped a little soapy water, quickly clean the dirty area, then rinse quickly with water, then dry with a dry cloth, and finally apply some leather oil (skin For sensitive people, it is recommended not to use any oil on the back.) The entire cleaning process should be completed within 10 to 20 seconds to avoid soap penetration and affect the cortex. If the strap is wet, wipe it off with a cloth immediately. If there is dust, it should be wiped off with a cloth (if it is a damp cloth, wipe it off after cleaning). In addition, if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will cause deterioration of the strap, which is also a place to pay attention to.

White ceramic strap cleaning method

If the white ceramic watch is accidentally stuck with oil and other dirt, it should be cleaned with a small brush in time. It may not affect the gloss of the watch at one time, but the number of times of sticking oil will reduce the gloss. If you find that the watch has dirt, remove the ceramic watch chain and put it in a convenient bowl, apply the toilet essence, and take a few cotton swabs after a while. Then rinse with water and dry to wear.

How to properly maintain

After wearing the white watch-belt for a long time, there will always be sweat and dirty marks, and the softness of the white leather strap will gradually weaken. If it is accelerated in a humid environment for a long time, we will try to keep the watch as fast as possible. In the air circulation, not humid, so we sleep at night, let the watch take off, put it in a ventilated place, because the leather strap should also breathe, if worn for a long time, the watch strap will be poorly permeable, speeding up the hardening of the leather strap. If the watch gets harder, consider replacing the strap.