Leather or Steel? Choosing the PERFECT Watch Strap this Autumn

Changes in the seasons bring about changes in fashion. Although most people give a lot of thought to changing out their summer wardrobe for their warmer autumn clothes, many neglects to consider switching up their timepieces to go with the changing weather.

Do you really need to change your watch’s look for autumn?

While people do not necessarily need to change the look of their watch just because it’s autumn, it is a good idea to make sure that your timepiece coordinates with the rest of your fashion. As with any accessory, perfection lies in the details. Leather and steel watch straps are both popular choices for this season. When choosing the PERFECT watch to wear, the difference between a boring watch and one that makes a statement is in the strap.

Are watch straps important when buying luxury timepieces?

YES! While the watch itself does the work of keeping time, the strap does the job of keeping it on your wrist and adds to its look. An art collector wouldn’t put a Picasso in a cheap frame from the dollar store. The same goes for a luxury timepiece.

Why should I wear a leather strap in autumn?

While this does come down to personal preference, there are some definite rules for choosing leather over steel. Many regard leather to be more formal than steel. There are a variety of colors to choose from with leather watches so the possibilities for coordinating with your other clothes are endless. Autumn is also a great time to wear a leather strap with your watch as the cooler temperatures mean you’ll produce less strap damaging sweat.

Why should I wear a steel strap in autumn?

Some argue that leather gives off a more luxurious appearance, but a steel strap combined with a sharp outfit looks just as good in some settings. Steel is stronger and more durable than leather so it can be worn daily. This is especially useful in warmer areas.

So we have leather or steel, which one is right for me?

The answer does depend on personal preference, but autumn is a great time to wear a leather strap. Being able to match colors with other parts of your wardrobe will make your timepiece pop. The warmer hues that leather gives off brings about an image of luxury and comfort. Just remember to keep that steel strap handy if you’re going to be physically active and want to give your leather strap a breather!