How to Choose a Watch Strap? Teach you to Understand Different Straps at a Glance (A)

In nowadays, there are so many people wearing watches, not only because it will make people more temperament, but also a symbol of literacy and status. The strap is a general term for the watch industry’s effective part of fixing the watch to the wrist. So, what are the watch straps, the following is a simple distinction of different types for everyone.

Metal Bracelets

The metal bracelets can be divided into precious metal and other metal materials. The common precious metal materials used for the strap are platinum and k gold. Other metal bracelets are made of steel and titanium.

Precious Metal Bracelets

Precious Metal Bracelets: expensive, meticulous workmanship, very luxurious. This type is suitable for high-profile watches and jewelry watches, etc., and is worn on special occasions.

Ordinary Steel Bracelets

Ordinary Steel Bracelets: the price is moderate, the high and low grade goods are complete.

Metal bracelets are durable, rugged and sporty. Although it is afraid of oxidation, and it is easy to produce scratches due to improper use of the process, but compared to leather, rubber and nylon straps, it will last longer, and after a simple treatment, it will be able to restore brilliance.

Disadvantages: It is afraid of sweat, collision, and discoloration. As a part of the parts that directly contacts the skin, and due to the long time of use, using habits and environment, the dirt is more or less generated, and the metal bracelets is prone to fouling, so it is easy to cause wear and corrosion when contact with sweat.

Leather Straps

There are quite a few types and the spreads are extremely different, including crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, cowhide, sheep skin and so on. The newer leather watch comes with: devil skin, snake skin. Elegant watches must be paired with top leather straps to show the overall elegance.

The biggest advantage of the leather strap is skin-friendly. That is to say, the leather strap is more comfortable in terms of wearing comfort, especially in the cold autumn and winter seasons. The leather strap is less susceptible to skin and clothing than other straps. In addition to the material itself, the leather strap gives people the feeling of elegance and restraint. In daily life, it is more suitable for business occasions, giving a more formal feeling.

However, the cortical watch has one of the biggest drawbacks, that is wear and aging. It is easy to sweat when wearing in summer with high temperatures. Because of the general impermeability of the cortex and the reason for the leather strap making process, after wearing the day in the hot summer, the circle on which the wrist is worn may suffocate a circle of sweat. There is also a reason that can not be ignored. After sweating, the leather strap will also produce odor. This requires regular cleaning with a slightly damp cloth to avoid odor when wearing a leather strap.