Tips About Choosing Watch–In Addition To Design And Quality, This Part of Watch Is Also The Key To Select

For business person, watches have become a must-have dressing. A stylishly designed business watch always adds maturity and skill to the wearer. At the same time, it is also a symbol of personal taste and status. In addition, the leisure time accompanied by watch is also very pleasant. Go diving with friends, play golf, race cars and outdoor walks are all the event to relax. And let the pressure of work be swept away. It also increases the intimacy between friends and allows them to get along better.

However, when it comes to watches, in addition to the design and quality of the watch body, there is a part that we have to consider, that is, the strap. A uniquely designed and well-working strap enhances the watch’s experience while also protecting the watch. Therefore, it is necessary to master some techniques for selecting straps.

The strap material is various, and relatively speaking, it is a metal strap and a soft strap. The type of metal is not very well distinguished. But the soft strap is mainly cortex. Cowhide is the most common type, while crocodile skin is the most precious one. The crocodile leather strap is also known as “platinum” among the leather strap.

Common leather strap
Calf Skin is made of leather from the calf of the calf within 6 months after birth. The texture is fine and soft to the touch. Saddle Leather Calf was previously used as a sturdy calfskin for the saddle. During the wearing process, it gradually becomes caramel with daily wear and tear. It is a kind of leather with a rough style. Buffalo is soft and comfortable to wear.

Lamb leather is soft, which are more suitable for wrist. And it is lighter weight and relatively small color difference. Camel has a unique grainy texture. The appearance looks hard, but the leather is very soft and comfortable, and has been popular for many years. Pigskin is said to be the closest to human skin and is considered to be the mildest natural leather that feels comfortable with human skin.

Cherish the leather strap
Crocodile strap of bamboo pattern is very expensive. Lizard skin has a strong contrasting texture. Python has a diamond-shaped snake scale. Struthio Camelus Autruche has a feathery pore with a very strong leather that will become applied and shiny as you use it.

Fiber strap
Fabrics, cotton and linen are woven. Nylon synthetic polyamide material with low moisture absorption. DenimTsukawa materials are often made into small bags or wallets. The denim material is familiar to everyone, and it feels like it is easy.

Rubber strap
Rubber is a soft, smooth material that is very close to hand. Because rubber is completely waterproof, it is often used on diving and sports watches.