The First Step in Controlling the Watch, Let the “Steel Bracelet” Lead You to the New World

The wearable men of the current fashion are getting more and more inseparable from the exquisite word. As an exquisite boy, you cannot miss a decent watch, and if you want to put on the “watch” to create a refined style, you must take a look at the steel strap watch.
With the pursuit of exquisite fashion in recent years, wearing and matching watches has become an indispensable existence. There are many kinds of watches on the market. If you want to choose a watch that suits you, you have to start from the watch strap.

The strap of the watch plays a decisive role in the appearance and wearing of the whole watch. When people look at a watch, the first thing they see is the strap. Today’s popular watch models come in three types, steel, leather and canvas. One of the most textured and best bracelets for men’s temperament is the steel straps.

The origin of the steel strap is based on the origin of the watch. In the 17th century, pocket watches were popularized in ordinary people’s homes. The pocket watch was fixed by a metal chain at that time. At the beginning of the 19th century, a craftsman combined the pocket watch with the bracelet, which became the predecessor of the wristwatch.

With the outbreak of World War I, people pay more and more attention to the convenience of watches, so soldiers have reduced the size of pocket watches, and set pinholes on both sides, and fixed them on the wrist with a more solid metal strap. With the development of the times and technology, the metal strap has gradually become a better and more durable steel strap.

The steel strap looks more shiny and has a unique aesthetic, it is more versatile than the leather strap and the cloth strap, at the same time, it is also very comfortable to wear, so it is favored by most consumers. There are some skills when you want to pick out the watches with steel bracelets.

First, Look at the Hardness

The difference between the steel straps is mainly in the selection of materials, the different materials of the straps, and the watches produced are also very different. There are some common steel straps, such as the stainless steel, tungsten steel and etc, and the tungsten steel is the most hardest.

Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the strap, the more durable the wearer will be. The performance will be better in all aspects, but the price will be higher. So people can choose the watch according to your own needs.

Second, Look at the Colour and Lustre

When the steel strap is distinguished from others, the biggest bright spot is that the steel strap has a very good gloss. Therefore, when choosing a watch with a steel strap, it is necessary to look at whether the color of the strap is bright and uniform, and the better the color of the strap, the better the manufacturing process and quality.

Third, Look at the Design

Design is also very important for the choice of steel straps. The general steel straps are designed with a hollow design. The interlocking of the bracelets is unique, but the density of the hollow joints will be different. The low density design has good anti-slip performance, and the dense design is more refreshing and breathable.