In order to be able to present a wristwatch perfectly, the selection of the strap is an important part. And the strap can be made of various materials, such as the common calf leather strap and the most precious crocodile leather strap. So, the following detailed strap introduction can give you a new understanding.

  1. Calf leather strap

Adopting the skin of calf within 6 months of birth to make the watch strap. With the small texture and soft touch, this kind of watch strap is the best.

  1. Crocodile leather strap

The two sources of materials are obtained from the abdomen skin of Caiman Crcodylus Fuscus and Alligator pinesis. They are all the most commonly used materials in the senior crocodile watchband.

  1. Lizard leather strap

The skin from Varanus Niloticus can be dyed with bright and beautiful colors. Thus, it’s the raw material that makes flowery watch strap. Moreover, the leather made from Tupinambis nigropunctatus’s skin is very advanced. The distinctive feature is that there is a sharp contrast between the fine texture and large texture.

  1. Shark mesh strap

A strap made of shark skin is famous for its softness and firm durability in high leather. The characteristic is that the surface has the small concavo-convex mesh texture.

  1. Carbon fiber strap

This is a new type of fibrous material with high strength and high modulus fiber. So, carbon fiber strap is both well-knit and comfortable.

  1. Rubber strap

Rubber is a soft and smooth material which can fit with wrist closely. Because it’s completely waterproof, most of diving and sports watches use rubber strap.

  1. Fabric strap

Mainly made of textile fabrics, cotton and linen. And with possessing the firm and comfortable features.

  1. Nylon strap

It is a synthetic fiber polyamide material, which has the characteristics of absorbing less water. Therefore, it’s commonly used in sports watch.

  1. Lamb leather strap

This lamb leather strap with the soft and smooth texture gives off the grace of vanilla. It’s better suited to the wrist. And compared with other leather, the weight of the strap is light and the color difference is relatively small. More, It’s a rare wristwatch band that has the retro style.

To sum up, the strap types mentioned above are commonly used watch bands in the wristwatch, and are also the most preferred watchband types for the vast majority of people.