Apple Watch Bands/Bracelets Reviews

Stylish Apple watch bands 38 mm/42 mm with various designs can perfectly fit your Apple watch series 1, Apple watch series 2 and Apple watch series 3.

The first model Apple watch band is made of calf leather, which naturally radiates the beautiful sheen. Contrast sharp lining creates a striking two-tone appearance, and the edge stitching of the band shows an exquisite collocation style. The square watch buckle holds the spring for easy insertion of the band. And Apple watch bands that offer a great variety of colors in 38 mm and 42 mm are available for you to match the same size Apple watch as you like. However, another kind of leather loop back Apple watch band, which is handmade by a prestigious leather factory in Arzignano, Italy adopts Venetian leather. The gentle milled leather process highlights the delicate lichee skin texture. Hiding the magnet into the soft leather, and wearers just needs to wrap around the wrists, it will fit neatly with the wrist. In addition, Apple watch modern buckle strap was made from the soft Granada leather, which was produced by a small French tannery. The smooth surface of the leather is handled by a gentle milled process, thus preserving its delicate texture. Then, the buckle appears to be strong, but it is actually two pieces of magnetic clasp, which can be closed tightly together.

The second model Apple watch band is the loopback type sports strap. This type of strap still has two sizes for choosing, 38 mm and 42 mm. soft, breathable and light features are the most attracting parts. And it can be adjusted easily and quickly with loopback type fastener. More, mainly made of double-layer nylon, and the side that is close to the skin looks more dense and provides the soft cushioning, while it’s convenient for the moisture to disperse. Most importantly, a variety of colors are available for people to choose from.

The third model is the sport band. Due to the special high performance Fluoroelastomer material, this Apple watch sport band is very durable and soft. The band with the smooth and dense texture surrounds the wrist and gives you a comfortable touch. And the innovative button-down type watch buckle makes sure to wear neatly. Only two sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm. but with a variety of colors for choosing.

The fourth, Nike sports band, also made of the special high performance Fluoroelastomer material. Its most striking feature is the air-permeable molded stomata. So, the Nike sport band is both sturdy and soft.

Fine woven nylon band, as the fifth model, is is made from more than 500 strands of fiber. And these fibers are carefully crafted into a unique and colorful pattern. The four layers of fine woven fibers are closely linked through a number of strands. Then, a durable band with comfortable fabric feel was created. A variety of patterns and colors, only two sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm.

The sixth, Hermès leather strap, the iconic Double Tour band and Single Tour band are available. The Apple watch Hermès Double Tour band crafted by French artisans can wrap twice around the wrist. And it’s made of the sleek Barénia leather or pliable Swift leather. Only 38 mm model is available. More, a new iconic Double Tour band comes with a pair of classic pyramid studs of Hermès. What’s more, about Apple watch Hermès Single Tour band, it annotates the classic Hermès design. Using the sleek Barénia leather, textured Epsom leather or supple Swift leather. 38 mm and 42 mm sizes are available. But, the new Apple watch Hermès Single Tour Médor band with a pair of classic pyramid studs of Hermès is only in size 42 mm.

The last, stainless steel watch bracelet with two types of structures, Milanese watch bracelet and chain watch bracelet. Apple watch Milanese bracelet, inspired by Milan at the end of the 19th century, comes in a modern style design. The silky stainless steel mesh is woven with Italian professional equipment, which can be gently wound around the wrist. Because of the magnetic body, the Milanese watch bracelet can be adjusted indefinitely to ensure the most comfortable wearing experience. And about the chain watch bracelet, it consists of more than 100 components, which are made of the same 316L stainless steel alloy. As you know, the processing technology of the watch bracelet strives for perfection. Only cutting a link of watch bracelet will take nearly nine hours. Moreover, the special butterfly watch buckle is integrated with the watch chain. And the multiple link sections are equipped with a simple disassemble button. Without any special tools, wearers can add and remove chain sections. Two sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm. Two colors, silver and dark black.

All in all, like all Apple watch bands, the Apple watch bands/bracelets described above are optional with the same size Apple Watch case. Reinterpreting the classics, and highlighting the ultra modern life style.