Guide to Six Types of Rolex Bracelets

It’s well known that Rolex super clones. There’re tiny changes on styles of Rolex watches. Types of Rolex watchbands are numberable. It totals six types. Here is a brief explanation and history of the Rolex bracelet range.

1. Rolex Oyster Bracelet
Rolex boasts three of the most classic inventions: water-resistant Oyster case, Oyster perpetual structure and a magnifying lens. Oyster bracelet was born soon along with Oyster case. Made of in the 1930s, Oyster bracelet with three-link design has been an important accessory of Oyster watch collection so far. Oyster bracelet is applied to classic models of Rolex Datejust, the DayDate, the sky-Dweller and the Submariner collection. For example, the hot-selling Submariner watch is equipped with Oyster bracelet. Available in Oyster bracelet with Oyster lock, Oyster safety clasp and crown clasp. Besides, it’s also assembled with the Easylink extension clasp.

2. Rolex President Bracelet
President bracelet, the name sounds powerful and noble. In fact, president bracelet combines the strength of Oyster bracelet and Jubilee bracelet. The heavy, interlocking links, and simple design are an obvious moniker for a Rolex novice to instantly recognize the President bracelet. The Oyster Perpetual DayDate model was introduced in 1956, which included the new president bracelet. Available in 18-Karat gold or platinum, it was applied to the DayDate men’s flagship collection and the Datejust women’s Precious edition instead of Jubilee bracelet. In general, president bracelet is decorated with crown clasp.

3. Rolex Jubilee Bracelet
In honor of the brand’s 40th anniversary, the Oyster Perpetual DateJust model was introduced in 1945, which included Jubilee bracelet, a flexible and cozy five-link metal bracelet. It’s decorated with crown clasp, delicate and full of classical temperament. It existed only in gold for many years, and considered the premier “dress watch” of the Rolex brand.

4. Rolex Alligator-skin Strap
When it comes to Rolex leather strap, the Cellini collection occurs to me. All of the Cellini collection are equipped with alligator-skin strap with 18-Karat gold clasp in order to present the traditional “dress style”. It’s the first time that alligator-skin strap with folding crown clasp in rose gold had been offered on the Cellini Moonphase model. Alligator-skin straps in color-clashed effect fit with some of the DayDate models perfectly according to the dials in different colors.

5. Rolex Oysterflex Rubber Band
Rubber watchband was the synonym of cheap goods once, but now, it’s approved by more and more top watch brands, such as Petak Philippe and Breguet, so it’s not surprising that Rolex opens the door and hugs it. The first rubber band was offered on the Yacht Master model at 2015 SIHH, popular widely. At present, Rolex has used it on the Daytona model too. The exclusive watchband is called Oysterflex rubber band, patented by Rolex. Elastic titanium-nickel alloy sheet metal covered with black rubber won’t be affected in any condition, durable and reliable. To be comfortable, inner side of the Oysteflex rubber band was designed with longitudinal buffer system fixing the wrists.

6. Rolex PearlMaster Bracelet
PearlMaster bracelet, designed for ladies, isn’t often mentioned. The five-link bracelet with crown clasp was offered on the PearlMaster model in 1992.