You Need to Know Strengths And Weaknesses of 4 Types of Watch Bracelets

A watch bracelet (a watch strap or a watch band), an important part of a wristwatch, is a bracelet that straps a wristwatch onto the wrist. A watch band is a standard for judging whether a wristwatch is comfortable or not. Comfort difference is largely determined by the material of the watch band. Here I emphatically introduce strengths and weaknesses of 4 types of watch bands.

Metal Watch Bracelets
Metal watch bracelets are available in steel, titanium alloy and so on. Top luxury wristwatch are equipped with those bracelets in yellow gold, white gold, platinum gold etc. Watch bracelets in different metal materials express different wearing effects. With high hardness, wear resistance and good durability, metal watch bracelets can extend its life span, suitable for summer style.

Sweat, abrasion and discoloration will reduce service life of metal watch bracelets. If dirt and sweat aren’t cleaned, they will corrode the metal even cause skin allergy. As time goes on, the metal will lose its lustre. Especially speaking, precious metal watch bracelets are easy to be scratched due to soft texture. I suggest that you’d better put your watch in service after the use for a period of time.

Leather Watch Straps
Leather watch straps are available in alligator skin, crocodile skin, calfskin, lambskin and so on. Their biggest advantage is the skin-friendly feature. Leather watch straps fit wrists perfectly, especially in the winter. They aren’t easy to do harm to skin and clothes by comparing with other materials. In addition to those, elegant and mature style make leather watch straps appropriate in a business setting.

Leather watch straps are easy to wear or get old and break. Due to airtight texture and high temperature, leather watch straps cause sweat easily in the hot weather. After that, the leather straps give off peculiar smell. Hence, it’s necessary to clean the leather watch strap with a wet cloth regularly.

Rubber Watch Bands
Rubber watch band generally apply to sporty wristwatches. That rubber features soft and flexible texture can not be ignored. Besides, chic and sporty style is another advantage. More and more top watch brands favor rubber bands, such as Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille.

What’s its weakness? First, rubber quality varies greatly. Second, it appears cheap. Last, rubber goes stiff in the cold weather. Rubber bands aren’t recognized by old people, and they don’t stand out so high quality as watch bracelets in metal and leather.

Nylon Watch Bands
When it comes to nylon watch bands, DW brand comes to our minds. DW wristwatches with bold dial and colorful nylon bands occupy the market for the young rapidly. Many watch brands will launch summer collection with NATO bands. It’s practical, easy to produce, breathable, comfortable, and available in different patterns. Nato bands aren’t appropriate in formal occasions. Nylon material is easy to fluff.

As consumables, watch bracelets in any materials will be damaged one day. I suggest you’d better equip your watches with some bracelets. To exchange appropriate bracelet according to seasons, occasions and moods not only shows your personal style, but also can extends their life spans.