How To Change A Watch Strap

People who often wear watches know that changing different watch straps during different seasons can increase comfort. Or you can improve your personal taste by changing the straps on different occasions. Here’s how to change the strap. Pretty much all you need is a little patience, a new watch strap, and any tools you need. Oh– a good place to work, too.

First of all, I’d like to introduce you that the stick in the strap is the axis. There are springs at both ends so that we can fit in and then take down the old strap.

The first step is to remove the original strap. You need to pull open the strap and watch the axis on the lugs. Then take the old strap down.

The second step is to put the axis into the new strap, and suppress the side of the axis, then place the axis into the hole in the watch, and the work is done.

In short, it is very easy to change the watch strap. However, several tips that you should pay attention to when changed watch strap.

One, the truncated section of the strap with buckle should always be at the top of the watch. When you look at the watch from the front, it’s on the right. The strap is not like a person’s belt, and the installation orientation is regulated.

Two, the strap is consumable, and it’s inevitable to change. If you feel the new watch strap is hard, then do not rub hard, because it’s easy to pull the fiber of the strap to cause cracking. For leather strap, as far as possible, don’t come into contact with water. Compared with the metal bracelet, sweat and moisture will be more damaging to the leather strap, so when inadvertently wet leather strap, as soon as possible with a strong absorbent soft cloth to dry it.

Replacing the strap is actually a very simple thing. You can do it at home, and you don’t have to go out and look for a watch shop in the summer. I hope this article will help you.