The favorite leather watch straps of fashionistas and glitterati

Watch lovers may have noticed that almost all of the top watches are equipped with the alligator crocodile leather strap. And this is also the most expensive leather strap. The natural crocodile skin pattern and comfortable texture make it more popular with the upper class.

Another leather strap is the calf leather strap. It is a relatively common and cheap kind of leather strap. The calf leather strap without any ginning pattern is slightly dull, but enough to show the elegance of the dress watch. What’s more, many entry-level dress watches also adopt this leather strap. Moreover, a sports watch with a calf leather strap can also become a decent watch that is suitable for business occasions. Of course, the high-class watch has rarely been equipped with the calf leather strap.

However, those who pursue individuality prefer some leather straps that are rarer than crocodile leather strap, such as the lizard leather strap, the ostrich leather strap and pearl fish leather strap. While the price of these leather straps is not necessarily more expensive than crocodile leather strap, they’re unique enough. Lizard leather strap shows the round pattern of sesame seed size. Though less ups and downs of feeling, it’s much softer than the crocodile leather strap. And with the slightly bargain price,  more and more brands begin to pay close attention to this kind of material. The most visible sign of the ostrich leather strap is the huge pores on the skin, which are left behind when feathers are removed. This kind of watch strap is very characteristic, even arouses the forever cowboy dream of people’s heart. Besides, pearl fish leather strap is one of the most primitive kind of skin. But the watchmakers found that the leather straps are perfectly matched with a diamond-encrusted watch. So a lot of jewelry watches with a sense of design all select this leather strap.

By the way, some of the leather straps described above are the most commonly used and most popular. However, the disadvantages of these leather straps are that they are not durable enough, difficult to maintain, and are afraid of exposure to the sun. So, you need to replace the new leather strap regularly. But that will not be a problem if your economy allows it.

Having talked so much, really hope this article will give each watch lovers a better understanding of some commonly used leather straps.