What people need to know about watch bracelet

In addition to using leather strap, the metal bracelet is also a popular choice. And the detailed introduction of the metal bracelet is shown below.

Platinum bracelet

It is a rare and expensive natural pure white metal. And the annual supply is only 5 percent of gold. What’s more, it’s almost twice as strong as gold. Compare with gold, it’s quite rare. The platinum bracelet with the undefiled sheen and a purity of up to 90% will not fade when worn regularly. So, Pt900 represents platinum bracelet with the purity of 90 per cent.

Karat gold bracelet

It is an alloy of gold and other metals. Precious metal part, the pure gold is 24k; but pure gold is not suitable for making the watch bracelet because it’s too soft. Thus, it must mix the other metals to strengthen hardness, such as the frequently used silver, copper and palladium, but the proportion of pure gold is 75%, regardless of which metal is mixed. Moreover, with the different proportion of gold, silver and copper, five different colors materials can be produced.

Gold-plated bracelet

It is the common adornment method of modern watchcase and bracelet. Because the plating is well-proportioned and firm, the cost is low and it’s not easy to fall off as well as corroded, the gold-plated bracelet is widely adopted.

Stainless steel bracelet

Stainless steel, the compound of steel, chromium and nickel. The corrosion resistance and wear resistance are better. After polishing or sandblasting treatment, the different stereoscopic appearance effect is formed.

Titanium watch bracelet

This material is known as the “Aviation era” metal. Its appearance can be bright and shiny, or silver grey, dark grey like powder. And titanium is a lightweight, hard, heat-resistant, cold-resistant metal with an oxide coating on the surface that can prevent wear and rust.

Tungsten steel bracelet

High hardness, abrasion resistance, clear appearance lines, bright and clean features, it’s called the wear-resistant material. And it can be used to make the bracelet with steel for increasing its surface resistance to abrasion and decoration. But one small drawback is that it is heavy.

Ceramic bracelet

Precision ceramic bracelet with the bright and wear-resisting feature doesn’t hurt the skin. Its main component is zirconia, under the condition of a certain temperature to obtain a good processability, and through the use of advanced processing methods, made into fine watch bracelet. In addition, all sorts of color that can show more luxuriant and exalted can be applied to the bracelet through the particular way.

In the end, the price of the steel bracelet is much more expensive than the other straps. It is often used in jewelry watches and banquet watches. The design and workmanship of it are usually exquisite and luxurious, and this kind of watch is suitable for wearing in special occasions.