How To Spot A Quality Leather Watch Strap

A wristwatch with a leather strap tends to give people a sense of high-end. And that’s true, the high-end watch is basically equipped with a leather strap. Then, how to choose a superior leather strap becomes the main point of this article.

First of all, you have to know about what the leather straps of a lot of high-end watches is made of. Generally speaking, compare with the common cowskin leather strap, the crocodile leather strap is apparently more rare. The preciousness of the crocodile skin and the premium watches complement each other. And the natural texture of alligator skin is also that cow leather does not to have. This texture is more high-grade than the lizard-skin’s texture, so it’s more popular with the upper class. Usually, the breed of crocodiles that used for high – level wristwatches’ straps is alligator. More, crocodile leather strap often shows the level of wristwatch, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and other watch brands are keen on crocodile leather strap. In addition, some wristwatch brands also like to work with those brands that are good at making leather goods, for example, Santoni, the famous Italian shoes brand, provides the crocodile leather straps for the IWC watch; and Hermes also provides crocodile leather straps for PARMIGIANI. By the way, the crocodile leather strap is so expensive because of its rarity, natural texture and complex craft. Therefore, To judge whether it’s a quality leather watch strap or not, just know about its material, texture and fabrication process.

Next, the frequently-used calf leather strap, lizard leather strap and lamb leather strap are the most commonly used leather straps in major watch brands. Relatively speaking, they are fully available in quantity and they can perfectly meet the needs of everyday wear. Though not as noble as the crocodile leather strap, the strap made of genuine leather is can be called a good watch strap.

Furthermore, If you’re still not familiar with the material and texture of leather straps, the best way to judge them is the price. The so-called truth, get what you pay is very reasonable. But the premise is that you have to buy it on a regular and reputable website.

So, the above brief introduction of the leather watch strap can make you have a preliminary understanding and facilitate you to choose a quality watch strap correctly. What’s more, if you have an in-depth study of the watch strap, you can also judge the authenticity and imitation. Thus, choosing a high quality leather strap is particularly necessary for highlighting the noble temperament.